Western General Bodyworks Maribyrnong has been awarded I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“Our decision to pursue the I-CAR Road to Gold Program for Western General Bodyworks Maribyrnong was fuelled by our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest outcomes to our customers. The pursuit of excellence has always been Western General Bodyworks Group (WGBW)’s driving force, and achieving the prestigious Gold Class recognition is a testament to that commitment," said Danny Buzadzic, Managing Director of Western General Bodyworks Maribyrnong. 

"By ensuring that my team members receive top-notch training, I am not only setting my shop apart but also contributing to safer, higher-quality repairs, and improved overall business performance. Through achieving the I-CAR Gold Class Collision status, I am dedicated to enhancing our service quality and above all, ensuring the ultimate benefit for our valued customers,” he said.

"We will continue to further grow and expand our footprint, and view the Gold Class renewal training as an integral part of our ongoing journey towards maintaining the highest standards in the industry. The collision repair landscape is ever evolving with new technologies and techniques emerging regularly. To stay at the forefront, we consider the annual Gold Class renewal training a non-negotiable component of our future plans.

"The Road to Gold training we received has proven exceptionally relevant and actionable in the current collision industry landscape. The overall learning experience with I-CAR has been truly exceptional. Our team members embarked on a comprehensive journey that encompassed Online Course quizzes, Virtual Classrooms, and Hands-On Certification to attain accreditation.  The Hands-On Welding Certification was the ultimate validation of our team's commitment to their courses. It demonstrated not only their attentiveness but also their ability to deliver top-notch repairs, reinforcing our dedication to excellence.  Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the comprehensive and flexible learning experience provided by I-CAR.  It was proven to be an invaluable resource,” Buzadzic said.


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