• The new rebadging for Volvo in 2021/2.
    The new rebadging for Volvo in 2021/2.

It has been seven years since Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, redesigned its logo into the embossed, 3-D silver logo with the blue banner. Now it has returned to a flat 2-D rendition of the same logo.

Known as the Iron Mark logo, according to Volvo, the redesign is a modern re-interpretation of the original logo from 1927. The all-black, flat design retains the same circular shape and upward-pointing arrow that both represents the scientific symbol for iron and male sexuality. The blue banner with the company name has been removed.

Volvo is the latest car manufacturer to ditch a 3D logo for the flat design: Nissan, Mini and Toyota have all adopted flat logos.

The company, now owned by Ford, calls the change a reversion to its historic roots. It also makes rebadging and marketing materials cheaper to produce.

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