English dash camera manufacturer, Nextbase, undertook a series of research pieces into the Australian market to understand Aussie roads and road users behaviour. After just over a year in the Australian and New Zealand market, the report, Nextbase State of Australian Road Safety Report 2021, is a reflection of the desire to understand Australian road behaviour.

More than half of Australia’s drivers (57%) believe they do not have bad habits behind the wheel; but 7% still admit to sending text messages while they are driving and nearly 1 in 4 (23%) confirm they exceed the speed limit, yet 39% rate their driving as either good or very good.

80% of Australian drivers have experienced road rage, with 34% of Australian drivers slowing down when being tailgated; 13% even going so far as braking suddenly to deter them.

The survey noted that 26% of Australians say they would change their driving behaviour if they know a dash cam is recording them, so drivers should always drive as if being filmed.

If a car dash cam provided a discount on car insurance, 80% said they would install one in their vehicle.

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