Paul Economidis is the second generation owner at the huge, multi-badged shop in Brisbane - Gabba Collision Repair Centre.

How did you get started in the industry?

From landing on my feet and taking my literal first steps. My dad, Steve Economidis, had a three car garage at home, panel beating and spray painting all sorts of cars, tow trucks and the odd Pantec truck. He also owned and operated Spray Land in Wolloongabba 

My father had me on the tools early in life, I spent my school holidays working and catching up with the boys staff) from the last holidays. That’s where it started and it hasn’t stopped. I started my first year of apprenticeship on 31 October 2000.     

What do you do now?  

 Stress… a lot! Whilst growing a fine selection of single grey hairs. After Steve’s  passing I have been thrown into wearing an array of new hats, from property development to working on new and continuing relationships with our list of approved manufactures and work suppliers, entertaining is my specialty! 

 What do you most like about the industry?  

 New technology and change of vehicle models. The technological advances in the motor industry brings new techniques and equipment, which proves for faster and easier repairs, not always but some time cost effectiveness. New metals and power systems which keep you on your toes educating myself and my staff.   

What do you most dislike about the industry? 

The fight over time adjustments. Insurance companies want best quality but want to be stringent at the same time and lack the understanding of what goes into a large repairwhatever the make or model.   

Who do you most admire in the industry? 

Of course, my Dad, straight off the bat, an industry pioneer.  Shane Eagle, concentrated brand knowledge (JLR) and has an answer for me every timeWith a lifespan of dealings in the industry, his product knowledge and what’s required to complete repairs in an ever changing industry is inspiring for me. 

Also Jeff Williams has been an absolute legend to myself and the industry.  

Cars! tell us - first car, current car, dream car?  

The old 80 Series Landcruiser was my first car and also first real complete body shell change over, converted to a show and shiner. I occasionally created some more work for myself, taking it to Landcruiser mountain park, both us coming home broken from a hard weekend. 

Current car is Dodge ram 1500 limited, the only car I can actually fit in. 

Dream Car A Cybertruck for fishing, I reckon this would be pretty cool.

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