We’re doing something a bit different this week: a roundtable discussion with Ben, Editor Sam and two esteemed industry guests. We’ll be reflecting on the good and the bad of 2023 and giving you the headsup on what to expect in 2024.
Joining Ben and Sam:
Glenn O’Donnell: Bodyshop Awards winner and GM of Northshore BMW Collision and Macarthur Prestige Bodyshop.
Jason Trewin: COO at I-CAR Australia
During the show you will hear the prediction that there will be more changes in the industry in the next 5 years than there have been in the last 25; so strap yourself in, listen up, and find out what those changes might be.


In this week’s episode you will learn:
  • Details about the Women in Collision Awards
  • New award categories in the Bodyshop Awards
  • The importance of staff development and technical training
  • The impact of a four-day work week
  • Is TAFE training still relevant?
  • Why there is less welding these days
  • The viability of hydrogen cars
  • Trends for 2024
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