We believe it's important to see how the industry is travelling since our last survey in April which we launched a couple of weeks after lockdown. A lot has changed since then and it looks like the country will begin to start moving again with more traffic on the roads every day, it seems.

We've updated our survey and modelled it on the Trendtracker survey from the UK because it will be informative to see how we are faring compared to another country - allbeit one trading in a much worse pandemic environment. You can download the latest May survey on the UK repair industry by clicking here and selecting the free pdf downloads option.

With talk of lockdown easing just beginning in the UK  56.8% of repairers surveyed estimate they have already lost between 11-30% of their annual turnover. Their three biggest concerns are volume, cashflow and staff safety. The industry is still reasonably positive with 50% of bodyshop stating they remain cautiously confident of their business withstanding the financial impact of the virus, with 31.8% expressing they are very confident.

Again, this survey is aimed at the owner or manager of the business and it is also anonymous, please take five minutes to complete it. 



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