Tune into our latest podcast and hear Stuart Faid from Fix Auto reflect on the Melbourne lockdown from the repairer's perspective and what we can learn from the Covid experience. 

What have we learnt from COVID19? With Stuart Faid

Stuart Faid has been all over the world in the automotive business, plying his trade in seven different countries! The current Head of Business of at Fix Auto has a great perspective on the industry and gave us some great advice on diversification and more generally, what we can all learn from COVID. 

In this week’s episode you will learn:

-Where Australia stacks up in the worldwide market

-How WA and NSW are bouncing back

-Are people going to avoid public transport and generate more business for the industry?

-The importance of engaging with the customer 

-Can the hygiene measures last in the industry?

-How COVID has forced an increase in the frequency of communication and use of QR codes

-The importance of upselling additional services


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