• Ben and Lyndal Mackay Snowy Smash Repairs
    Ben and Lyndal Mackay Snowy Smash Repairs

Ben and Lyndal Mackay owners of Snowy Smash Repairs in Tumut, NSW have joined the growing number of repairers across the country looking to be a part of  the Car Craft network. "We pride ourselves on our customer service, but being in a small town you can feel isolated from the rest of the industry. We joined Car Craft so that we could network with like-minded repairers, learn from them and keep up with the latest industry developments and best practices," said Lyndal. "This means that we will be able access new ways of doing things."

The Mackays and their team are excited to join Car Craft’s southern region and said that the ability to seek or give advice in the industry is vital to any successful independent business. 

The benefits on top of the networking, such as parts supply deals, training support and branding are a bonus.

For more information about joining Car Craft go to www.carcraftgroup.com.au


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