This week's podcast is all about the cost of inefficiency, with Steve O’Brien of IBodyshop.

Do you really know how much time and money you could save every day? You might be surprised! We welcome Steve O’Brien back to the show: an absolute authority on all things collision repair. Steve pioneered the revolutionary software solution, iBodyshop, having deconstructed every last detail of the collision repair process. In this episode, Steve goes through his magic list of 10 key inefficiencies, and by the end of it he’ll tell you how you can save yourself up to 340 minutes PER DAY!


In this week’s episode you will learn:

-How 2020 drove innovation in the industry

-The importance of a positive mindset

-How to avoid ‘death by a thousand cuts’

-How to identify your own inefficiencies

-Why you should forget about the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

-The amount of time you could save sorting your photos

-How existing damage to a vehicle can be used as an upsell

-How to streamline your customer info and be ready with info when they call for an update

-The potential ‘opportunity cost’ of your inefficiencies

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