In the lead-up to the Federal election on Saturday 18 May, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) is reminding both sides of politics that, while the major parties have shown good will and support for several key policies outlined in its election manifesto Keep Australia Moving – including commitment to supporting Australia’s automotive future; mandating access to service and repair information; and creating an automotive-specific Franchise Code of Conduct – much work remains to be done.

“These are extremely important issues for the almost 400,000 people working in the automotive industry across the country. VACC will continue to work with the new government – and the opposition – in order to see these commitments through.

“We reiterate to the new government that there are several policy positions that remain overlooked. These need to be addressed and addressed right now,” said Gwilym.

VACC’s priorities for the new government are:

  Introduce a mandated motor vehicle insurance and repair industry code of conduct

  Prioritise skills and training policy initiatives towards the automotive industry

  Develop a national end-of-life vehicle program 

  Abolish the luxury car tax 

  Roll out concrete measures for business red-tape reduction and improvements to
Australian Consumer Law.

“For an industry that employs 380,000 people and contributes more than $37 billion annually to the Australian economy, it is inconceivable that such key industry priorities have been largely ignored by
both major political parties,” said Mr Gwilym.

“Regardless, VACC will continue to work with both sides of government to create meaningful reform that recognises and promotes the merits and key needs of the automotive industry amongst policy-makers.”

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