Don't miss out on giving this week's podcast a listen. It is a great discussion with a next generation repairer and her insights on taking the family business into the future.

Our industry is full of family businesses that go back multiple generations, but how do you manage the transition from the older generation to the younger generation? Kate Presnell knows all about that. She talks to us about how she overcame the initial resistance from her parents to run the family business, and now she owns the place lock-stock. We’ve known Kate for a while. Ben helped Kate as a business coach in the early days, and since then she's become a serious high-flyer and innovator in collision repair. Her story is truly inspirational.  

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  •       How experience in HR helped Kate in collision repair
  •       Why a large corporation wasn’t for Kate
  •       Why Kate Presnell Bodyworks is successful
  •       How Kate negotiated with her parents to buy the business
  •       How Kate juggles being a mum with running a business
  •       The importance of being able to read people
  •       Why it’s better to hire people for who they are rather than what they do
  •       How Kate sets her goals
  •       The benefits of business coaching
  •       The lack of quality training in the industry
  •       How Kate has moved forwards in a male-dominated industry 



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