If you missed last week's podcast, you can still view it in our podcast section.

We had a great chat with Carl Bizon: Group CEO of AMA, who presides over 3,500 staff across 170 locations. Make no mistake, Carl is a serious industry heavyweight! We hear how Carl worked his way up from nothing to get where he is today, and we chew the fat about some key industry issues, including: leadership, skills shortages, business models, and insurer relationships. Although AMA is a huge company, most of what we talk about is absolute gold for smash repairers of any size.

In this  episode you will learn:

  •       How Carl worked his way up from the bottom
  •       The co-operation of insurance companies during COVID
  •       Why Carl closed some sites
  •       The difficulty of “mate V manager” for recruitment
  •       Why old industry practices must change
  •       How to earn the respect of your co-workers
  •       The grey areas that insurers are exploiting
  •       The challenges of closing a site
  •       How to balance market share V profitability
  •       The pros and cons of satellite repair centres
  •       The shortage of apprenticeships


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