Established over 50 years ago, Parramatta Smash Repairs is still owned and managed by its founding family. Three generations of operators have seen this business grow from strength the strength, building a reputation  in the motor repair industry. PartsCheck caught up with Ryan Simpson, the Operations Manager to see what changes have occurred since registering with PartsCheck over three years ago:

"Parramatta Smash Repairs is a prestige autobody repairer. Our company specialises in the repair of prestige and late model vehicles. We are proudly authorised for brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Lexus, and Subaru. The company was founded over 50 years ago by my grandfather Cecil, and is now lead by my father Steve and a few outstanding managers that have been with us for a long time. The company prides itself on being at the forefront of quality repairs and customer service.

  • How many different people at your company use PartsCheck?

"Our estimators, production team and accounting staff all use it."

  • By using PartsCheck can you measure any reduced costs?

"There has been measurable time saving with quoting and ordering parts. Primarily as a result of less time spent waiting on the phone to suppliers."

  • Before you started using PartsCheck did you have any concerns with the program? 

"With any change comes some concerns. The PartsCheck staff were very helpful working through these with us and ensured that the change was a positive one."

  • What are some of the main benefits you have seen since registering with PartsCheck?

"Time saving, streamlined part processing, greater transparency, improved profits."

  • What are the biggest challenges on the horizon for the repair industry?

"Some of the biggest challenges ahead will come from vehicle technologies and increased demands from insurance companies. As a panel shop operator, it’s key to stay nimble and adapt to change as best as possible. We work in a very competitive industry and what was good enough today may not be good enough tomorrow. We need to always remain ready for new challenges."

  • What are some long term the goals for your shop and how can PartsCheck help you achieve those goals? 

"PSR has a bright future. We have some amazing people working with us that are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our services.

"I expect PartsCheck will keep supporting us by developing improved ways of managing parts within the business."

The ability for a business in the repair industry to weather change and survive over decades and beyond is a fundamental measurement of success for any company. While there is no accurate equation to sustain business long-term, there are fundamental reasons why a company stands the test of time. Continuously meeting client expectations, knowledge of the competitive marketplace as well as nuanced development policies is the basis of longevity for any business. Not to mention a drive to succeed and a passion for what you do. 

Due to variables such as technological change, increasing costs of imported products, and capital expenditure connected with compliance requirements, the industry is becoming progressively more competitive and complicated. There is an ever-increasing demand from insurance companies to drive down cost so it is important for repairers to reduce costs in other areas such as administration and estimating. That is where businesses like PartsCheck can help. Built by a repairer for repairers, it simplifies the way you source parts saving you time waiting for quotes and entering data into your quote package.

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