Thank you, thank you, thank you - at the time of writing we have had 190 responses to our survey in the last week, which is beyond awesome. Thank you especially to the Crashzone members who have turned out in force to support our effort to take the pulse of the Australaian repair industry.

We need at least another 110 to get to the magic 10 percent of repairers, of course if would be great to have more. The more replies we receive the more everyone will take notice of how our industry feels about business now and in the future.

The survey takes around seven minutes to complete is totally anonymous and it's so important to contribute.

A few snippets of results so far.

How are you pre-tax profits in the last 12 compared with the previous year?

Increased: 28.49%

Decreased: 28.49%

Stayed the same: 43.01%

The question if you had a good offer to sell your business in the next 12 months would you take it has a similar response to last year with 63.24% saying yes. This year we also asked what you would do next in that scenario. A worrying 44.79% said they would leave the industry for another profession while as you might expect with older owners 26.38% said they would retire. Some people would reinvest in another shop - 11% while 18% said they would go and work for someone else in the industry.

Solvent paint use dominates with respondents so far. A whopping 61% use solven, 18% use waterbourne and 21% use both.


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