If you hold a Motor Vehicle Tradesperson’s Certificate and which you have never renewed, you need to renew it now, says Fiar Trading NSW.

In 2014, reforms to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013 were introduced meaning tradespeople now need to renew their certificate every three years.

This three-yearly renewal period helps to ensure the register is kept up to date, so that there is an accurate record of who is working in the industry and the integrity of the industry and its businesses is maintained.

To check your certificate’s status, you can search the public register. If you have never renewed, then your status will say ‘expired’ and this means you should renew now.

Failure to renew your certificate may mean that you have to provide a new application for a tradesperson certificate and meet new qualifications to a Certificate III level.

Visit the Fair Trading website for more information.

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