The latest edition of the Paint & Panel podcast The Edge is a must listen to episode.


We all agree that our industry needs to move with the times and raise its standards in line with the vehicles we are repairing. The AMBRA grading program is an important marker of this. We speak to three experts about why it’s important and how you can get the AMBRA grading yourself:

  • Andrew Minns (Subaru Collision Category Manager for Australia)
  • Peter McMahon (General Manager of Car Craft Group, previously involved in the development of AMBRA) 
  • Rob Mildenhall (National Panel Manager, Capricorn Group)

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • Why you need an AMBRA rating
  • How AMBRA can create consistency in your organisation
  • The importance of AMBRA to OEMs
  • Is it complicated to become AMBRA compliant?
  • Is the minimum standard currently fair for the Australian market?


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