The Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) has released its latest video called New World Automotive.

 The video has been produced to inspire individuals of all ages to consider the automotive industry as a career option and provide an insight into how innovation and technology will play a big part in future jobs.

The New World Automotive video is hoped to inspire individuals to consider the automotive industry as an exciting career option, particularly for those who may not have considered automotive as a choice, such as those specialising in areas like software development, IT, 3D printing, robotics and coding.

 The video features Marcello Riotto, MTA Institute Operations Manager, Professor Michael Milford, QUT and Mark Dutton, Team Manager of Triple Eight Race Engineering. 

 Group CEO for MTA Queensland, Dr Brett Dale said, “The video hopes to create excitement about the opportunities coming in the automotive industry of the future, which has evolved into a highly technical area, very different to the stereotyped roles of the past.”


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