The Motor Traders’ Association of Australia (MTAA) has emerged as the sole automotive industry group to respond to the COVID-19 Inquiry initiated by the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The submission reflects a thorough consultation process based on extensive insights gathered from across the MTAA network. Including specific perspectives from the Victorian experience, the state most profoundly affected by stringent trading restrictions and prolonged lockdowns, adds a crucial dimension to the submission.

In a period where community support and collaboration are paramount, being an integral part of the local Motor Trades Association (MTA) has never been more critical, the association says. The submitted response serves as a testament to the collective strength and resilience of the automotive retail sector, ensuring its voice resonates with the Federal Government. The aim is to provide valuable insights into how the government can effectively respond to future pandemics or unforeseen 'black swan' events.

In response to the COVID-19 Inquiry, MTAA CEO Matt Hobbs said: “The pandemic had government and industry scrambling for solutions to meet the needs of the community. There is no doubt looking back that the automotive industry played a critical role in keeping people and the economy moving. As we reflect on those years we need to learn from those experiences and ensure we are prepared to move swiftly and effectively if it ever happens again.”

MTAA’s proactive engagement underscores its commitment to representing and safeguarding the interests of the automotive industry. The submission is not merely a response but a strategic initiative to contribute meaningfully to the shaping of government policies in times of crisis.

View the MTAA Submission here.

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