• Daniel Dusi (left) receiving his trainer of the year award
    Daniel Dusi (left) receiving his trainer of the year award

In this episode, Daniel Dusi, MTA Trainer of the Year for the 2024 Automotive Awards, joins host Ben Fewtrell on The Edge to discuss his extensive experience and journey in the collision repair industry.  

Daniel shares his background as a third-generation industry professional, and his progression from a refinish apprentice to a team leader and trainer at the Motor Trade Association (MTA).  


In this episode, we delve into several key topics: 

  • The Importance of Technology in Modern Training: We emphasise how crucial it is to incorporate the latest technological advancements in training programs to ensure that apprentices are well-equipped for the demands of the industry. 
  • Different Approaches to Training Depending on Shop Types: We explore how training methods vary based on the type of shop, whether it's a small family business or a large facility, and the specific needs and challenges each type presents. 
  • Innovative Blended Model Integrating Industry Practices into Apprentice Education: We discuss an innovative blended training model that combines traditional education with hands-on industry practices, providing apprentices with a comprehensive learning experience. 
  • Addressing the Skills Shortage: We tackle the pressing issue of the skills shortage in the industry, discussing strategies and initiatives to attract and retain talent. 
  • The Importance of Passion and Mentorship in Training: We highlight how passion for the trade and effective mentorship can significantly enhance the training experience and career development of apprentices. 
  • Integration of Soft Skills and Current Technologies in the Curriculum: We examine the need to include both soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, and current technologies in the training curriculum to prepare well-rounded apprentices 
  • Upcoming WorldSkills Event: We provide insights into the upcoming WorldSkills event, focusing on how it promotes excellence and creates opportunities within the industry, encouraging young talent to pursue and excel in their careers. 
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