From this week, the Mazda 3 will roll into showrooms across the country with a its latest paint colour, Soul Red Crystal.

Released to Australia in April on the Next-Gen CX-5, Soul Red Crystal was designed according to Mazda’s ‘KODO: Soul of Motion’ philosophy.

The colour has already proven to be popular amoung consumers, with around 22% of Next-Gen CX-5s sold opting for the colour, making it the second most popular body colour on that nameplate.

The new paint’s translucent layer features a newly developed, highly saturated red pigment for a richer red.

While the reflective coat uses extremely thin, light-absorbing aluminum flakes that intensify shaded areas to achieve a depth of colour that previously required two layers of paint.

The aluminum flakes are made to a uniform size, the consistency of the paint was enhanced and a technique to shrink the volume of paint during the drying process was employed.

Mazda Motors granted quality confirmation for the Glasurit 90 Line waterborne paint system for repairs involving its color Soul Red Crystal earlier this year.

This made Glasurit the worldwide supplier for repairs involving the colour that Mazda will introduce on its all-new CX-5.

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