SEAMLESS, the bodyshop management system from Axalta, is designed to make running a bodyshop more efficient and effective. As a web-based system, SEAMLESS is comprehensive and easy to implement.
The latest enhancements provide a more efficient managers' overview allowing for a better understanding of their business. The contemporary design allows for better visual representation and includes a revamp of how the data is displayed. This is particularly useful in allowing users to interpret the data.
The Seamless Bodyshop Management System and it’s easy-to-use modules provide the shop manager with all the functionality to operate an efficient and smart bodyshop business, with checks and balances along the way. The standard configuration of SEAMLESS include three key modules: Bodyshop management, shop floor data collection and vehicle repair tracking.
SEAMLESS can be integrated with most bodyshop’s quoting systems and can even be scaled up for multi-site operations with full management reporting for each site. As the system set up does not require networks, servers or any other specific hardware, customers can quickly realise the benefits SEAMLESS brings to their daily operation.
Once registered, Axalta’s dedicated team will work with the customer to personalise set up and provide staff training, either on-site or remotely. The Axalta Services team can also assist with analysing the reports and data interpretation, to help your bodyshop work smarter, faster and more profitably.
For more information contact: Robin Taylor or click here.

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