Over 100 repair shop owners and managers will be networking with each other and representatives from industry suppliers at this year's Paint & Panel L!VE half day conference at the Melbourne Arts Centre this Friday afternoon, October 11 from 12pm. That's 100 of the top performing, most forward thinking and innovative repairers who regularly take time out of their business to work on their business. They attend events like L!VE for inspiration and education as well as idea sharing with other like minded repairers. Don't you think you should join them?

If you have never been to a Paint & Panel L!VE conference we have posted a couple of sessions for our 2018 conference to give you a taster over on our YouTube channel.

You can find out all about the highly relevant sessions we've set up to help repair shop owners improve their businesses through better people managment, better review management and more informed technical knowledge. Click here for more information and to secure your ticket.

Here's one of Friday's speakers who I'm especially excited to hear from as I don't think everyone understands the full power of online reviews. I have come across a number of repairer Facebook pages with no posts except bad reviews and many bad reviews which have not been acknowledged or explained.

In this one minute video Taylor Cutler from Podium tells you about the takeaways from his session on Friday.



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