I-CAR Australia has announced that Jackson Bros Wallsend Smash Repairs has been awarded I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

Jackson Bros are located in Maryland, NSW and are part of the IAG (NRMA) repairer network as well as Youi’s repairer network. “We have decided to enter the Road to Gold program to ensure our team was up to date on the latest advances in technology and practices in motor vehicle repairs and refinishing.

“We found the process extremely easy to navigate as well as incredibly accessible – utilising the virtual classroom as often as possible to minimise the time the team was off the floor. As there are only so many refinishing courses offered, we were able to contact PPG to arrange our lead refinish tech to complete a course to obtain Platinum Status,” a spokesperson for Jackson Bros said.

“The whole I-CAR team were great to deal with. From our first contact with admin staff, onto the instructors and all staff involved, we have had an invigorating learning experience and have developed an eagerness to continue our Gold Class renewal training to learn more about our industry, its practices, and evolving technologies.”





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