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Challenges/opportunities facing collision repair market

The Italian market has got too many small operators meaning there is too little work for so many bodyshops.

Market trends

The number of bodyshops is stable, but only some are growing – it is estimated circa 5,000 will be important players for the insurance market. Italy doesn’t have a national network at present but only local associations.

Vehicle manufacturer involvement in the sector

Some car groups such as PSA, KIA and Hyundai are working to develop their bodyshop networks.

Insurer influence on the repair sector and impact on supply chain relationships

UnipolSAI is increasing its stakehold within the market with its network – Preso e Bene.

Impact of new vehicle technology on the sector

Bodyshops need help establishing internet facilities to enable them to access data systems/repair methods.

Repair technology influence within the market

Bodyshops are involved in learning all about new technology alongside their paint company partners and with their network (eg car company or group).

Skills and education

Some professional schools have begun to prepare young people for careers in the collision repair sector.

Trends/developments over the next three to five years?

ADAS systems are a new challenge for Italian bodyshops – there is a lot of work to do around this complex technology.


Population 25.3 million families/61.2 million people

GDP US$1849.97bn

Full driving licence holders Estimated 34 million

Total vehicle parc 36,935,000 million cars

Average vehicle age 9 years

Total new road vehicle sales

2014 – 1,360,000

2015 – 1,575,000

2016 – 1,847,000

2017 – 1,970,000

Number of alternative fuel vehicles registered

2014 – 20,000

2015 – 26.000

2016 – 38.000

2017 – hybrid 66,041/Electric 1,879

Number of reported road collisions per annum 4,200,000

Number of collision repairs per annum 3,300,000

Number of vehicle write-offs per annum1,500,000

Number of motor insurers 165

Top three motor insurers by number of vehicles insured

1. Unipol SAI

2. Allianz

3. Generali

Average motor insurance premium and excess/deductible €411 Q4 2016

Annual cost of motor insurance fraud €2bn

Insurance approved collision repair networks in operation Yes

Insurance owned collision centres in operation No

Vehicle manufacturer approved collision networks in operation No

Vehicle manufacturer owned collision networks operating No

Accident management companies active within market Yes

Accident management company approved collision repair networks in operation No

Total number of collision repair operators 10,000

Number of collision repair centres 8,500

Types of collision repair centres

Independents: Yes

Dealer: Yes

Networks: Yes

Group/multi-site operators (MSO): Yes

Franchise operators: Yes

Largest operator Car Glass (250+ bodyshops)

Average cost of repair €1,200

Average cycle time of repair (key-to-key) 2 days

Average labour rate €35ph

Mobile collision repairers in operation No

Mobile SMART repairers in operation Yes

Number of mobile SMART repair operators 4,500

Total accident repair market value €4bn

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