Darrel Maloney, who has spent the last year setting up Strategic Collision Repair Group has joined AMA Group. Strategic Collision, an ASX listed company, recently failed to woo investors to set up a new repair consortium.

Darrel Maloney

Steve Bubulj, AMA's Panel division CEO announced that 'with the integration of Capital Smart and ACM about to get underway, one of the key focus areas will be to drive synergy benefits across the AMA group'.

Jim Timuss who is currently acuisition director at AMA will now take a more prominent role in procurement across the group, 'so we can put in place the arrangements to harness our combined capability and scale.

Bubulj said: "I am extremely pleased to announce that Darrel Maloney will be joining AMA Panel Division as acquisitions director commencing toward the end of this year. Darrel has extensive commercial/industry experience and most recently he has been leading a smash repair consortium as CEO of Strategic Collision Repair."


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