Standards Australia has released the revised version of AS2080:2019 Safety Glazing for Land Vehicles.
In May 2018, the Auto Glass Association (AGA) was successful in obtaining approval from Standards Australia for the ME-055 committee to conduct a review of the standard.
Rick Janssen, AGA President, said, “The AGA takes its role in our industry seriously. We represent all interests equally and have worked together toward common goals for the entire industry. This is the second standards review the AGA has been responsible for initiating and once again, the AGA has played a significant key role in the revision of AS2080:2019 Safety Glazing for Land Vehicles.
AS2080:2019 is responsible for specifying requirements and testing methods for flat, curved toughened and laminated safety glass for windscreens and other glass for land vehicles.
The review has aligned the standard with the current Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 8/01- Safety Glazing Material 2005). The automotive glass replacement industry was adversely affected by conflicts across the standards.
Key areas the review focused on were; Luminous transmittance requirements, Resistance to radiation Fracture and adhesion.
The amendments also bring the standard in line with associated United Nations international standard (ECER43), which Australian law adopts.
The outcome promotes consistency and minimises confusion and the document now accurately reflects the modern AGRR market.
"The revised document will increase consumer confidence in the auto glass repair industry and eliminate confusion amongst auto glaziers about which rules affect them. Consumers are more familiar with Australian Standards than they are the Australian Design Rules so aligning the two will make it easier for them to interpret and understand" said Janssen.

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