• Left Darren Curry Right Vito Marolda manager at Grahambodyworks
    Left Darren Curry Right Vito Marolda manager at Grahambodyworks

“Car Craft is committed to growth in Victoria and NSW,” said territory manager Darren Curry.

The group is well established in Western and South Australia and Queensland and has been growing steadily on the East Coast with over 110 members nationwide.

Curry who is steeped in industry experience, with over 25 years service at VACC, has a unique insight into the challenges independent repairers face. “It has been fantastic to be a part of the expansion on the East Coast  and to see the benefits each owner has received from being part of a network of like-minded repairers who they can pool information with, collaborate for better buying power and support each other if necessary,” he said.

“The owners who join Car Craft become Car Craft, they become shareholders and can influence the direction of the group. Car Craft values individual business reputation, the Car Craft brand compliments their existing brand  by identifying that their business is part of a quality national network,” Curry said.

Curry explains that the group is not for everyone, the ‘like-minded’ aspect is at the core of the Car Craft ethos. “Our repairers are dedicated to producing quality work with high standards of customer service. They are forward-thinking and have seen how challenging ‘going solo’ will become in the near future.They are positioning their business for strong growth and success.”

Curry says that the group is a strong advocate of the use of OEM parts and repair methods and that joining requires only a modest one-off fee.

“There’s a smorgasbord of advantages and services to being part of the group and members can take advantage of all of them or just pick and choose. While the savings from group buying power can be significant, the majority of members find the networking with other repairers the most valuable aspect of membership. You can never overestimate the value of shared knowledge.

Victorian and New South Wales repair business owner interested in discussing membership can reach Darren Curry on: 0488 450 666 or email him.

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