Notorious scam-artist Dean Christopher Wright is at it again, this time accused of scamming panel shop and hotel owners in Western Australia.

Wright, a panel beater,  allegedly took one bodyshop owner for $2500 and also stole from them before disappearing from the town.

A number of community members from the local area have come forward, warning owners and businesses to be on the look out for Wright, who has been using aliases with a similar story across the region.

Wright also allegedly owed $650 after spending several nights at a hotel in the town of Albany, WA before leaving without paying.

One alias we have seen listed as used by Wright is Rob Healy while he has reportedly also used the alias of Daniel O'Connor and given the surname White to repairers previously.

In a Facebook post, a commenter stated that they had received an email from RAC warning businesses in the area to be alert for Wright.

The email also warned them of his history of scamming businesses across Australia, most notably bodyshops.

Wright was previously apprehended by police in Morwell, Victoria last year and was charged with numerous deception offences.

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