Aussies feeling the pinch at the pump: survey reveals rising fuel costs force change in driving habits

  • 34% of Australians spending between $31-$60 per week on petrol
  • 21% spending between $61-$90, 12% spending between $91-$120
  • 43% say they will “drive less” to mitigate fuel price increases
  • 37% say they will use discount apps; 26% say they will switch to public transport

A nationally representative survey commissioned by Savvy at the end of 2023 has shown that a little over a third (34%) of Australian adults (n=1,000) are spending between $31-$60 on fuel for their vehicles, per week. 

21% said they were spending between $61-$90; 13% said they were spending between $91-$120. 6% were spending between $121-$160, with 16% saying they’re spending between $1 and $30. 

The national average petrol retail price in 2023 was 189.8c per litre, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum. This represents a 77.8% increase over the previous high of 148.8c per litre in 2021. The average price in 2022 was 184.2c per litre. 

This may indicate Australians are no longer filling up their tanks each week, with a mere 8% of Australians saying it cost between $31-$60 to fill up their tank when polled in 2022. 

33% said it cost between $61-$90 to fill up their tank, with a further 33% saying it costs between $91-$120. 

From the 5th of February 2024, the fuel excise on petroleum condensate (petrol) and diesel will increase from 0.488c per litre to 0.496c per litre.  

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