Business owner, Robbie Manson, from Apex Smash Repairs in Milton, Queensland, is waiting in anticipation for his next electricity bill. Thanks to the Axalta 2019 Think Sustainable! promotion, the business has recently installed solar panels.

The solar panels were installed over three days in July this year. There are 140 panels and while the building faces north, the panels are positioned flat on the roof facing up to capture the midday sun. Manson is yet to see the cost impact; however, he is expecting the initiative might save him up to 30 per cent on electricity.

“One of the biggest reasons to install solar panels is that you can eliminate or significantly reduce your electricity costs. Queensland is one of the sunniest states in Australia and Apex Smash Repairs has a massive roof space over the workshop, so it made sense to investigate the potential for solar,” Robbie said.

“At this point, we’re not sure what amount of electricity is being generated by our new solar power system but I’m expecting there will be a significant cost saving for the business. My main aim has been to take back control of our rising electricity costs.”

Manson is expecting this initiative will see significant electricity generation – when it is needed most; during the day and during hot sunny periods when the demand for power is at its peak.
“We’re generating electricity at the point of demand – at the business – and this means we should see direct financial benefits,” he said.

The Think Sustainable! promotion encouraged customers to strive to achieve their own business sustainability goals and gave them a chance to win up to $20,000 towards a solar panel system installation.

Axalta ANZ Managing Director, Steven Brett, was excited to offer this promotion as not every business can afford to install a solar panel system.

“At Axalta, we encourage bodyshops to look at the technologies currently available that can minimise energy consumption, reduce waste or increase efficiencies. Improving environmental sustainability is a growing concern and I congratulate Apex Smash Repairs on reducing their environmental footprint.”

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