• Demonstration to Car Craft Queensland last week.
    Demonstration to Car Craft Queensland last week.

A new ADAS reclaibration company ADAS Solutions Australia has been launched by Adrian Parkes and Joe Walsh.

The new centre and several mobile units have been set up at Eagle Farm in Brisbane with the aim to take the service nationwide by the end of 2022. Parkes has over 30 years experience in automotive and has worked with many OEMs including Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari Maserati UK. His previous role was with Hella Australia.

Walsh is a second generation repairer who relocated to Australia in 2009 from the UK. He was formerly group operations director at AMA. 

Following extensive first phase investment ADAS Solutions is able to offer in excess of 90% vehicle coverage in both the light and heavy vehicle sector. Recalibration equipment includes Hella, Texa and Autel equipment as well as Maha headlight adjustment equipment.

Walsh told Paint & Panel: "The biggest challenge is awareness. Many repairers simply don't understand the need to recalibrate. They think if there's no warning light triggered then they're good to go. Recalibration has so many pitfalls for repairers - you can have two identical cars side by side from the same year and they could have different levels of ADAS on them. ADAS Solutions offers a service where we will download the owners manual and let the shop know if calibration is required."

ADAS Solutions performs a pre scan, alighment, cailbration, post scan and road test, then a final scan and a report."The dealer just gives you an invoice, with our service there's a detailed report which tells the insurer and owner exactly what operations were performed, what the outcome is, whether there were any pre-existing issues - it's all very accountable," Walsh said.

The company will also install and run calibration equipment for busy shops that require it. "It's a very repetitive process and the more you do it the more accuruate you will be. It's really not practical for most shops to have their own equipment and pay to train staff. There's also the issue of space and the need for an even floor somewhere with optimum lighting conditions and the time that it takes to undertake the correct road test. Mazda's need 8 metres of space in front of them to conduct a recalibration," he said. 

The company is drawing its staff from the dealer environment targeting people with dealer and indepenent experience and will have senior technicians to conduct the more complex proceedures. 

The investment in all this equipment is significant. Walsh joked that they seemed like very small boxes for all the money invested. "The need for recalibration is going to increase expodentially and getting it wrong is a potentially lethal scenario."

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