Awards News

Haweskbury City Smash is all about giving back.

If you are an NRL fan then you definitely want to be working at MPSR – but tickets aren’t the only perk.

Eli Taylor was a standout for the judges, not only is he doing well as an apprentice but he is a mentor and inspiration for others.

John and Sarah Karavasilias are young enough that embracing digital solutions is second nature. They certainly make the most of its advantages.

AutoXCarCare specialises in small repairs and as such has to provide customer facilities for while-you-wait repairs.

When you bring a lawyer into the team, then you know that compliance is going to be king.

Bullet point pros for the 2022 finalists.

Plus a quick look at the Best New Shop finalists.

Thank you to everyone who took part this year and to the awards sponsors - find out who is in the running to take home the 'silverware'.

Do commercial vehicle repairs (5-12 tonnes) make up 30% or more of your repairs? Then nominate for this year's award.

This award is for alternatively funded repair networks.

Are you setting the standard for the industry? Ahead of the curve, planning for the future and efficient in the present? Nominate now.

Recognising that dealer shops have different business models they compete in their own category.

Is your shop or one you know of a place where people love coming to work? Nominate now.

Do you embrace every aspect of the digital world using it to make your business more productive?

Does your shop offer a consistently outstanding customer experience? Then nominate today.