When you bring a lawyer into the team, then you know that compliance is going to be king. Now that John Karavasilias’ wife Sarah is working in the business, every box is ticked.

Sarah Karavasilias is a trained solicitor and has taken on the position of dedicated OHS, HR and in-house counsel at MPSR. She engaged Compliance OH&S (OH&S) who have teamed together to generate the MPSR WHS Management System (250-pages) detailing WHS, bullying harassment and anti-discrimination, drugs and alcohol, fatigue, mental health management and work travel policies. Monthly risk managements are conducted which keeps the workshop up to date with identified risks.

The 50-strong team has several members who have attained the St John Ambulance Australia First Aid certification at MPSR’s expense.

Sarah diarises and organises the fire, electrical and first aid checks. MPSR’s electrician updates the work health and safety electrical testing register.

Sarah file notes any incidents (video footage on site) and liaises with Emma Dalley of Industry Legal Group (AAAA) for advice on incidents. Sarah also has a register which ensures each tradesman is qualified/licensed.

MPSR’s spray booths are serviced every fortnight – the shop repairs up to 150 cars per week and needs every piece of equipment performing at its peak

The presence of the team from Compliance OH&S and Sarah with the creation of policy has promoted a culture of safe work at MPSR. Constant dialogue with employees and the most senior staff enforces the policy.

A two-hour induction is scheduled for all staff members with lunch. New employees are inducted as part of their employment contract document.

Subcontractors are separately inducted with MPRS policy prior to them entering the building.

MPSR has a check in for guests who receive an email attaching the visitor site induction document. Sarah and OH&S Compliance have developed a checklist required to be completed prior to a sub-contractor entering the premises, including the provision of their insurances and licenses.

Any serious OHS risk that is mitigated but not followed by staff is taken seriously, John may give a warning letter to that staff member to enforce compliance.

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