The judging portal is where nominated shops tell us about their business. Now that there is a second panel of judges to review the finalists for each award, who won't have taken part in the initial judging, we have to ask for more information from each entrant. We're not expecting a novel here but please set aside between 30-60 minutes to fill out your entry. 

Top tips

1 Really take some time to think about what you do well or differently. Do you have loads of apprentices, treat your staff like royalty, have a fantastic Google rating, make customers feel valued, have a great relationship with insurers (don't snort, it happens), really rock cycle times?

2 If writing isn't your strong suit either get someone to work with you who can explain your golden points well or consider a  voice to text app.

3 Write your answers out on a Word document and save it as you go just in case you get distracted while you have the portal open and you lose your entry progress. You can then cut and paste the answers straight in. If you are entering for more than one category eg Best Shop, Best Customer Experience and nominating a manager or young achiever then you will have to put some of the same information in each entry. If you have your saved Word document you can simply cut and paste again.

4 The video required for many of the categories should be between 60-90 seconds and does not have to be a Steven Speilberg production as the terrible video guide proves. If you aren't used to making movies ask anyone under 25 as it seems to be as natural as breathing air for them. Alternatively you can get one professionally made and use it on your website and social media.

5 This is a time to reflect on your many achievements - blow your trumpet loud and proud.

Here are two outstanding entries we recevied last year to give you some ideas for your own entry. 

sampleentry.pdf customerexperience sample entry


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