John and Sarah Karavasilias are young enough that embracing digital solutions is second nature. They certainly make the most of its advantages.

John started out in a small shop but now runs a huge operation repairing over 150 cars a week. That simply wouldn’t happen without embracing all the digital tools now on offer in the collision industry. MPSR rely on iBodyshop for quoting, workshop management, customer communication and keeping an eagle eye on every aspect of the business. There are flat screen televisions throughout the offices and workshops and each staff member has a Samsung tablet for mobile access.

The couple utilise the HubSpot digital platform to manage customer surveys and collect customer data. With so many customers in and out during the day the business has an an in-house IT staff member who has generated a check in process for everyone who visits the site. They provide their details and are emailed out essential safety information.

MPSR use Standowin IQ. Not only does it retrieve the colour formula but is also has other capabilities such as reporting; job management; job costing / price management; and linking to online training and accessing data sheets.

“This program generates reports for us to analyse usage and wastage. We have conducted meetings with our head painter from this data and adjusted our process and inventory.” Sarah says.

The couple fully understand the importance of social media and marketing the business. A sponsorship with the Sydney Roosters is thoroughly leveraged through regular competitions on social channels. MPSR employs the services of Collabrium, a digital marketing agency who have developed their impressive website.

There’s aren’t many, if any, collision repairers with a following of over 4,000 in Australia. They use Facebook to promote the professionalism of the company, introduce staff, and generally engage with followers outside of the Roosters and Michael Pengue boxing sponsorships.

Running such a large operation with over 50 staff would entail even more staff in a pre-digital age. John and Sarah are ambitious for the business and invest heavily in digital solutions which they use to maximum effect.

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