Chris and Angela Manteit took a while to get into their stride when they built this huge and exceptional shop in Brisbane. They experimented and learned what worked them and what was profitable – and importantly stopped what wasn’t.

his award is for next level repairers who are the cream of the industry leaders. When we visited the business for judging it was rammed with Teslas. Becoming part of the approved repairer network has been a big win for the team who are dedicated to quality repairs.

This is a second generation business that has been operating in the Brisbane region for over 40 years but totally reinvented itself with a new name and brand identity and a slightly scary ‘build it and they will come’ state of the art facility that they moved into back in 2017. It is the only repair shop we’ve visited that has its own coffee shop and barista.

Angela says: “At Drive Accident Solutions, family is at the heart of our business culture and we place extreme value on performance, wellbeing and inclusion. We are focused on the quality, safety and timeliness of all our repairs.

“We have been on the forefront of electric vehicle repairs, investing heavily in equipment and training which now sees us as one of the leading repairers in this area.”

As well as being early adopters in EV training and repair they were also the first shop in south east Queensland to transition from 90 Line to 100 Line.

”We are always looking to implement new practices to add value and boost growth and productivity.”

Drive has a keen focus on standard operating procedures to ensure efficiency and consistency their work.

“Our recent change from Glasurit’s 90 Line to 100 Line was not based purely on the high efficiency or the product, but also because it’s safer for the environment.” Angela said. “We are extremely committed to recycling in an attempt to contribute as little as possible to landfill. We have two compactor machines onsite to assist with this.” The business prides itself on its marketing strategy with a great website and lively Facebook page.

The Manteits have clearly created a great work culture with many long term staff, some that have been there for more than 10 years.

As well as providing regular training including Tesla training and having a superbly equipped, roomy and bright work environment the couple also organise a number of out of hours social events that are well supported. This is in addition to regular work breakfasts, lunches and after hours drinks.

Angela is justly proud of their strong focus on bringing on the next generation of technicians. “Many of our apprentices complete their entire term with us, and then continue their employment with us as a qualified tradesman. We have also employed a number of school based apprentices. Apprentices, tradesmen and administration staff are offered fully funded training on a regular basis, which not only benefits our business but also the individual.”

Chris has been chairman of Car Craft Queensland for around eight years helping other repairers through networking and other support. Drive also works with many community fleet companies like Anglicare, Blue Care, Micah Projects, Communify and Footprints, providing many complimentary services.

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