• MPSR took out Best Safety, Best Workplace and Digital Excellence.
    MPSR took out Best Safety, Best Workplace and Digital Excellence.

If you are an NRL fan then you definitely want to be working at MPSR – but tickets aren’t the only perk.

Staff retention has never been such an important mission as it is in the current skills crisis where many a technician follows the dollars. John and Sarah Karavasilias have worked hard to create a great culture where team members feel both cared for and appreciated. The couple say that this work has paid off as word has spread and family members and team members former colleagues are joining the business.

It’s just as well because when you are repairing up to 150 cars per week that takes a lot of people power – around 50 at the current count.

MPSR Marrickville NSW is a long time sponsor of the NRL Sydney Roosters —it also sponsors boxer Michael Pengues. It’s not just the customers that benefit from the association – for instance back in June MPSR held an NRL Origin night with a big screen at workshop, yeros dinner and knafeh dessert with heaters and bean bags and the obligatory Mr Whippy. There were also ringside seats and dinner to watch Michael Pengues’ boxing match. Sydney Roosters home games includes dinner — and staff members attend on rotation). There’s also a fortnightly lunch for the crew on the house. If they get peckish at work there are vending machines and there’s a decent lunchroom too.

Sarah says: “We have created employee profiles that encapsulate work qualifications and any personal issues (like divorce proceedings) so we are sensitive to their needs.

“We share our business associates’ details to staff who are struggling with finances and encourage them to purchase property and invest their wages. There are bonuses provided to over-performing staff, usually weekly.”

MPSR values young talent and junior technicians. Junior tradesmen are continuously supported by the floor manager and head painter/beater.

When it comes to safety and HR, MPSR is way more than compliant. They have also taken out this year’s safety award and you can read about that on page 80.

As a Tesla repairer there is OEM training for technicians, I-CAR training is on offer with staff who are I-CAR Platinum status — in an earlier and smaller incarnation MPSR did achieve Gold class. The company regularly takes advantage of any training from suppliers such as Lowbake, iBodyshop and Standox.

There’s also a suggestion box and notification board in the lunch room to encourage input.


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