Todd and Tracey Richards run an exemplary business in the NSW city of Dubbo.

f I had a choice of which collision repair facility to work in I think it would be this one as I’ve seldom seen a happier crew. Tracey says: “As business owners we actually work within the business alongside our staff completing day-to-day activities. This not only provides opportunity to build or improve relationships, it allows healthy free speech, brainstorming and the suggestion of ideas on improving processes from the staff themselves. We have found this internal communication structure creates a sense of ownership, nurtures the problem solving mentality which ultimately leads to a strong take up of new ideas or process. From this we see team members step up into new positions with more responsibly, increase wages, higher job satisfaction and staff retention rates. Depending on the position we have agreed incentive agreements that offer a range of incentives such as, fuel cards, cash bonuses, access to trade accounts and gift cards. All staff are required to complete WHS induction training, in addition to continued MTA Traineeships, apprenticeships, I-CAR training and Tesla training. All our training and WHS policies are available to be viewed in the online portal at any time.” Naturally they have attained I-CAR Gold status.

As behoves a regional repairer they are up to their eyeballs in the community. Not only do they offer work experience, they even host preschoolers from the nearby kindergarten. They interact with a number of education providers to promote careers in the industry and host information events. There’s also a bunch of charity sponsorships and then a plethora of sponsorships for local sporting groups from bowling to dirt bikes.

Tracey is dead serious when she says: “I absolutely love implementing new processes and procedures that not only reduce repair turnaround times – but also create efficiencies for our administration team also who are at the face of our business.”

They have chosen not to embrace fixed priced models but instead are happy to work for all insurers. In addition to this they have fleet work and a large portfolio of private work which originates from Geoff Richard’s himself down to customers’ great great grandchildren.

The shop itself is beautifully presented, clean and uber organised especially the parts area. Todd and Tracey devote themselves to best practice in every area and their son Lewis is an embedded part of the management team too.

It is refreshing to meet with such enthusiasm for the industry, which Tracey expresses beautifully here: “I’m also always reading, learning and thinking about where the industry will be in 10 years and working towards the future. Small steps everyday = giant leaps in the future.”

Shop Stats

Staff: 22

OEM approval: Tesla, GM

Type of repair: All

Cars per week: 40

size: 1300m2


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