It’s hard to find fault with Wayne Phipps Smash Repairs. It’s run as a highly professional business which excels in every field from quality of repairs to customer service, yet maintains the individuality and soul of an independent entity.

o while many in the business at a similar stage to Wayne Phipps have already grasped their fishing rod and cast off into retirement, Phipps’ business continues to evolve and improve.
There’s a reason why the business has won so many awards over the years, and not just from Paint & Panel. Phipps has always been at the forefront of industry developments. His was the first purpose built autobody repair facility in WA, and while the building is no spring chicken now, it is clean, well organised and supremely functional and fit for purpose 42 years later.
Not one to waste time, he received I-CAR Gold, Holden manufacturer certification and level two AMBRA shop grading all on the same day earlier this year. He also holds manufacturer approval for Volkswagen and Subaru. He was one of the first repairers in WA to specialise in four wheel drive repairs and market himself in that capacity.
He sponsors youth sport programs and helps to raise money for charity by donating his auctioneering skills. Phipps was awarded a Life Membership to the Swan Chamber of Commerce for his active role in the community and a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the autobody repair industry. He was chairman of AMBRA, very active in MTA WA and is always happy to advise and encourage other autobody repairers.
Phipps’ firm negotiating style has meant he has never acceded to fixed cost contracts with insurers and yet is still approved by them. As the business specialises in heavy structural work it means that fixed cost repairs are quite impractical. He has steadfastly proposed that he will carry out high quality repairs, efficiently and cost effectively while focussing on customer satisfaction. To prove that his customers are satisfied he incentives feedback forms with a monthly giveaway which takes place on his Facebook page. This strategy has meant returned surveys has jumped from 23%-53%. Comments are then collated and fed back to the relevant insurers.
A thorough understanding of what his business costs are, where efficiencies can be found and what a reasonable profit margin is has meant many successful years, always booked out weeks ahead.
“Some major insurers, with whom we have no formal arrangements send us their large and difficult repairs. With a shrinking market, consolidation growing and insurer demands, we have secured and consolidated our position in the market place with the best conditions and terms possible,” says Phipps, summing up nicely.

powell’s points

Phipps and his team continue to maintain the high standard of repair and customer service expected of his loyal client base. He is constantly up skilling his staff in the latest technology required to successfully repair the big hit 4x4 vehicles he is willing to take on. Wayne’s concern and passion for the industry is reflected in all aspects of his business.

shop stats

Size: 3000m2
Staff: 22
Type of repairs: All types
Avg cars repaired PW: 31
Avg key to key: Drivable 4 days, Non Drive 12 days

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