We've had heavy vehicle repairers win our awards before and this year we thought we'd give them their own category.

Entry will be by video. Please submit a video of not more than six minutes showing the following.

I am proposing as we may not have time to visit all of the nominees that those nominated who want to take part must submit a video which is a maximum of five minutes. This video should show:

  •       Comfortable customer facilities
  •       A clean, tidy reception
  •       Good signage
  •       The right equipment
  •       Investment in the latest repair technology
  •       Organised equipment storage
  •       Organised parts area
  •       Robust training schedule for correct use of equipment to achieve repairs to manufacturers’ specifications
  •       Staff welfare
  •       A clean, healthy work environment
  •       Good OH&S procedure
  •       Staff training
  •       Acceptable staff facilities
  •       Green initiatives
  •       Fibreglass area
  •       Aluminium repair area
  •       Compliant paint room
  •       Approved chassis alignment equipment
  •       Compliant baking oven 

What scores extra points?

  •       Having a coherent vision for the future of your businesses
  •       Demonstrating how you have adapted your business to meet current challenges
  •       Innovation in business practice
  •       Involvement in the industry - trade associations or industry business groups
  •       Positive attitude towards the industry
  •       Initiatives to attract and nuture the next generation of the industry
  •       Marketing program which connects with customers, fleets and work providers, social media involvement

 You can upload your videos to YouTube and send us a link or send the video via a site such as Hightail or use a site similar to Dropbox. Please send your videos to with the subject Best Heavy Vehicle Repairer by 30 June.

What happens if I win?

You will be featured in the November issue of the magazine. You will also be flown (where appropriate) to receive your award at the Paint & Panel Awards dinner in Melbourne on 11 October 2019.

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