This Axalta Business Excellence Award is all about  building a better future for your business and creating a better environment for your staff to ensure that your business stands the test of time. Do you have staff retention and development process in place, business monitoring programs, a diverse business offering, do you demonstrate adaption to changing business conditions? We looking for business that are proactive, not reactive.  Any repairer can be nominated for this award regardless of which paint company they use.

You don't need to tick every box but here are some of the criteria the judges will be looking for:

• Strong vision for business and plan for future

• Staff training and welfare especially encouraging the next generation, e.g. apprentices

• Marketing program

• Efficient operating procedures - using the latest technologies

• Environmentally responsible

• Community involvement

• Specialisation or diversification strategies

 • Innovative business practices

This award was previously know as the Axalta Sustainability Award. Previous winners:

2010   Rosenthal Crash Repairs, SA

2011   Willmot Smash Repair Specialists, QLD

2012  Wales Truck Repairs, NSW

2013 Welland Crash Repairs, SA and Musico Smash, NSW

2014 Walker Crash Repairs, SA; Kilburn Crash Repairs, SA and H Harvey Prestige, QLD

2015 Houghton Autobody, SA and Jack Hillerman, NSW

2016  Zagame Autobody, VIC

2017 Paull & Warner Accident Repair Centre, WA

2018 Fleurieu Crash Repairs, SA

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