What an interesting guy we have on this week’s episode, and not only that, he’s been kind enough to share some absolute gold from his new book.
Gavin McGahey has spent a whopping 46 years in the collision repair industry, starting out as a panel beater before eventually working his way up to ownership and management of multiple businesses. He then specialised in taking the helicopter view (as he puts it), and became a consultant, software developer and now an author.

Gavin’s book, ‘Know Your Numbers: The Heartbeat Of Your Business’ is due out very soon, so we talk to him about some of the key learnings he discusses in the book, including his particularly interesting take on the true meaning of profitability. We defy anyone in the industry to not be inspired by this guy.

In this week’s episode you will learn:
-How software can save your planning
-How to counteract the loss of patience of the customer base
-The highlights of Gavin’s book
-How you can slow down to go faster
-How to combine measurements with drivers to make decisions
-The importance of ‘culture’ versus ‘numbers’
-Can you achieve double-digit net profitability in smash repair?
-How to hone your business to achieve better profitability
-Why profit isn’t just about money-grabbing
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