This week on The Edge we're talking dust extraction and what it costs you

Everyone who works in collision repair will know the importance of dust management. Poor dust management can kill people, and even in less extreme cases, it can cost a collision-repair business serious money. But luckily there are some excellent portable solutions to clean up the workshop and keep things safe and efficient. We speak to Lenny Sanna who is the sales manager for GNG Sales: a major distributor of dust management solutions. We also speak to Aaron Burgess from Symes Accident Repairs in Victoria, who is one of his happy customers.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • The side effects of having a dusty workshop
  • How dust-management solutions have evolved
  • The risks associated with dust
  • The dangers of silicosis
  • Which dust extractor will suit you
  • How you can write off tax from a dust extractor
  • How a RUPES/GNG customer improved their safety and efficiency
  • How cleaning could be done during the working day
  • How one unit can have multiple connections for different purposes

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