This week we welcome back  Dave Luehr all the way from the USA. The founder of Elite Bodyshop Solutions was so impressive when he spoke to us last year that you told us you wanted him back… so here he is.

Luehr tackles the reasons why some bodyshops thrived last year and some became victims of the pandemic. What lessons can we learn? Listen to the show to hear Luehr outline some basic mindsets and habits that all of us should be applying if we want to thrive in a changing marketplace. 

In this week’s episode you will learn:


-How the industry can learn to rationalise the unprecedented year of 2020

-How to avoid falling into “the victim zone”

-How to take personal responsibility

 -Are you viewing change through the lens of a technician, or the lens of a businessman? 

-How to differentiate yourself from the competition and become great at customer service

-Diversification in express repairs

-How to become less dependent on relationships with insurance companies

 -The ‘perceived indifference’ of customer service delivery

-The emotional triggers required to turn a customer into a raving fan

-How to have a slick commercial process without making the customer feel “processed”

-Why bodyshop workers don’t like learning, and what to do about it



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