I don't know why we've had so few responses to our apprentice pay survey but I'll just reiterate that although we ask for your name and that of the business it's only so we can spot repeats, especially from MSOs. Otherwise it's only me that can see who has answered what and the results will be published on each question for the overall responses given. At the moment we're sitting on just 82 responses for a survey that takes less than two minutes. 

The purpose of this survey is to create a national picture of what collision repairs shops offer their apprentices - no judgement just facts the survey asks if you pay award rate or above and if you provide tools (a lot of people say that the apprentices look after them much better if they own them themselves) and PPE and if you think the award rate should be higher or stay the same.

We need at least another 40 responses to make the survey worthwhile data and then we can get onto our next survey which will be around the limbo dancing low 'environmental supplement' paid by insurers.

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