There was been a huge exodus from the management at AMA Group since CEO Andy Hopkins was forced to resign over allegations of financial misconduct back in Febuary.

In addition to Steve Bubulj, chief exectutive officer Panel Division and Peter Bubeck chief commercial officer and Mark Reid business development manager, Dave Calder the group's chief operating officer is also belived to have departed. The most recent to exit is IT director Shane Hunter who started out with Gemini when the group was formed. Dave Fantom, group commercial manager is also reported to have left. Chief financial officer Stephen Harding-Smith was another recent departure. 

AMA Group share value declined last week and is hovering around the 54c mark.

Meanhwile PFA Consultancy has announced on Linkedin that it is working exclusively with AMA Group Ltd (Panel Division) within the Commercial Division. PFA Consultantancy described itself as: "Here to offer advice and expertise to organisations to help them improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. ... The work stretches across a variety of areas, including management, strategy, IT, finance, marketing, HR and supply chain management."

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