I saw a story on Repairer Driven News this week that 'The Collision Industry Conference Definitions Committee has officially replaced a 20-year-old static glossary with a dynamic, 21st Century wiki.'

Now, first off I realised we don't have a collision industry definitions committee (that I'm aware of anyway).

We bloody well ought to, I can't tell you how much easier it would have made my life when I first started. And while we're at it, we should have an Aussie-English, Aussie to Filipino etc glossary to help overseas technicians make the switch.

For instance, surely it's only in the lucky country that there's such a thing as a beaver panel? What other Aussie only terminology do we use - please use the disqus comment feature to put forward any Aussie industry terms.

Over in the US they've created this wiki so that anyone in the collision ecosphere has a common lexicon, but it's controlled by the committee (otherwise who knows what terms would be listed under assessor by disgruntled repairers and vice versa).

So I'm putting my hand up for an Aussie industry terminology committe (even though I'm a Pom) because this unique country has a colourful and unique voice and it should be documented. Any native speakers care to join me?

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