Valspar Automotive recently held its 2018 Quality First conference for members of the program in Parramatta, NSW. The conference was a great opportunity for members to network and discuss strategies and techniques to keep them at the forefront of a changing market.

The conference started with a visit to the IAG Research Centre in Silverwater. The group were given a guided tour by IAG’s John Farrugia. The key topics covered included:

  • NTAR - demonstrating how times are recorded and use of the NTAR quoting system.
  • Autonomous vehicles – Overview of the testing taking place currently in Sydney & Adelaide.
  • Hail impact - Attendees were able to use the ice cannon to hit a bonnet and observe the impact.

The feedback by all was that the tour was extremely beneficial as it provided key information in relation to insurance repairs and also gave a different perspective on how the repair cycle works from the insurance company’s perspective.

The next stop on the itinerary was a keynote speech by Olympic gold medallist Kerri Pottharst on the importance of setting SMART goals. Kerri outlined her Gold Medal excellence theory which is based around the importance of having the right team around you and that positive thoughts create positive emotions which achieve positive results. The group were then treated to an experience of walking over broken glass to prove that with the right mindset, you can achieve things you previously thought weren’t possible. Kerri explained that, “The idea behind walking on glass was to reinforce that you need to aim high when goal setting and shouldn’t settle only for what you think you can achieve.”
The experience was an eye opener for many of the attendees, who left the talk with a completely different perspective on goal setting and decision making.
The conference finished with a casino-themed dinner. The attendees were treated to games of roulette, blackjack and Vegas War. The music and decorations helped to set the mood and create an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

When asked about the conference, Melanie Spink, Quality First Manager said, “The conference was a fantastic opportunity for program members to network and take time out from their busy schedules to invest in their personal learning and development. We look forward to holding many similar events in the future. “

For more information on the Valspar Automotive Quality First program, contact Melanie Spink, Quality First Manager on 04 29 129 755.

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