You really need to keep up with the ever-changing materials used in today's cars. As manufacturers get clever with their design and build, the pressure is on the body shops to learn how to work with new materials safely and effectively. This isn’t just a matter of making a car safe on the road. Bodyshops need to ensure their workers are safe and not exposed to toxic combinations of material.

We speak to two absolute experts in this area. Gareth Wright of Audi Australia who gives us the point of view from the manufacturers, while Beau Knowles from Sydney Automotive Paint & Equipment explains how his organisation helps body shops keep up with manufacturers. 

In this week’s episode you will learn:

-How car-making materials have evolved

-Why aluminium is good for cars in winter

-How many materials make up the safety cells of vehicles

-What can happen when bolting together different materials

-Do we still need aluminium rooms?

-How to stay safe when mixing materials

-Why you should check VIN numbers

-How OEMs are using 3D printing for parts

-How the SAPE group can help you deal with mixed materials

-What traditional body shops need to do to keep up

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