Symach is an international bodyshop solution provider which started out in Italy. 
This week’s key takeaway:
How CEO Osvaldo Bergaglio used automation to revolutionise smash repair
Episode intro:
In this episode we hear from an absolute legend of the game. Having never been in a body shop in his life, it wasn’t long before Osvaldo deconstructed the process of smash repair and started the revolution! We hear how his company Symach is making an impact on bodyshops all over the world, with contributions from his Australia General Manager, Mark Cunningham, and our old mate Aaron Scagliotta from Gino’s Panel & Paint in Perth; a loyal Symach customer.
In this week’s episode you will learn:
  • How to cure automotive paint in under a minute
  • The power of collaborating with your customers to drive innovation
  • How Osvaldo developed an efficient fixed line
  • How Osvaldo went global
  • How to eliminate bottle necks in your body shop
  • The difference between selling a piece of equipment and selling a solution
  • What the symach program brings to a real-life collision-repair business
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